Shutter Window

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This playground part sparks curiosity and imagination like no other. Let's peek a boo and see what's behind window number...
Width (cm)24,9
Length (cm)42,8
Height (cm)2,5
Compatible withPlayhouse Module 125 cm, Playhouse Module 145 cm, Mini Market Module, Mini Picnic Module 120 cm, Mini Picnic Module 160 cm, Crazy Playhouse CXL, Jungle Playhouse L, Jungle Playhouse XL
Knock-knock, who's there? Smartly designed to maximize kids safety; strong materials, round shapes and rotating smoothly without any hazardous nooks or crannies. One of our finest playground parts for the Jungle Playhouse, Mini Picnic Modules, Mini Market Module, Playhouse Module 125 or Playhouse Module 145. Also check out other playhouse parts Shutter Lock and Shutter Door. Our high performance outdoor materials can be left outside year-round, hassle-free, no matter what climate you call home.

Blue and yellow design to match the Jungle Gym playhouses and modules
Includes hinges for smooth rotation

All Jungle Gym playground parts and materials are manufactured in accordance with the most recent European requirements, tested by Dekra and awarded with the GS certification for tested safety.
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