Safety and Quality

Design Jungle Gym kids playground set

Our superior product designs are developed to ensure the safety of your children and based on the current harmonized European safety directives (general and toys). As an active member of the European technical committee "Safety of (activity) Toys (TC 52 / WG10)" we are closely involved in the realization of the European toy standard EN 71:2011. See our declaration of conformity verified by independent laboratories

Jungle Gym kids playground set

Each Jungle Gym kids playground set contains specially-developed components to maximise the safety of our product. Features such as caps to cover the bolt heads, a Bumper Pad™, Safety Ball (or Safety Mesh), handgrips and ground anchors are standard parts of the play set specification for your peace of mind and your child’s carefree activity. Weatherproof and UV-resistant, our sturdy kids playgrounds have rounded edges and corners. We always use materials and finishes that are soft for your children’s hands and provide maximum grip.

Each kit also includes an extended assembly set that includes hardware, connection brackets, drill bits and everything else you need for your kids playground. The simple, clear instructions can make the assembly of your play set an enjoyable family activity. Construction is easy, and once you’ve finished you can use the enclosed Jungling Cards™ to invite friends to join in your children’s new adventures.

Kids playground use and maintenance

Our Jungle Gym playsets are a durable and customisable addition to your child’s playtime environment. Following these simple suggestions can help you get the most out of your investment:

  • We recommend you to use pinewood in the construction of your play set, as this is extremely reliable, easy to work with, and is renewable.
  • We also recommend that you choose either a pine that is naturally resistant to insect damage and wood-rot, or one that has been pressure treated.
  • Make sure to check your timber for the absence of large knots.
  • Buying timber that has been sanded and planed on all four sides will also make your life a lot easier.
  • To build a safe and fully functioning play set, make sure the measurements of your timber are within the margins given in the instructions of your Jungle Gym set.

Please follow the safety instructions included in your Jungle Gym kit. Guarantee: 2 years.

Click here to view a copy of Jungle Gym's General Safety Instructions.



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