Frequently Asked Questions


Who is Jungle Gym B.V.?

Jungle Gym is Europe’s leading designer of wooden residential playground equipment and distributes to more than 30 countries. Designing and manufacturing since 1988, Jungle Gym products have become known for their safety, durability and eye for detail. In 1999 Jungle Gym patented the unique swing brackets that resulted in the extra sturdy and safe, yet economical swings. Innovation is a cornerstone of the company, as you will see throughout all of the products. Every year Jungle Gym creates several new products, components and updates the whole range to the newest safety guidelines, trends, techniques and materials. In 2005, the makers of Jungle Gym also introduced the brand Hy-land, playgrounds certified for professional use. Years of experience and expertise come together in this collection of high quality climbing frames, playhouses, swings, playparadises and extensions. With a little imagination you can combine all favourite items to create your own ultimate playground for every available area and budget. All products have been developed, tested and certified to the latest European Safety guidelines.

What is the meaning of the words “Jungle Gym”?

“Jungle Gym” is an English synonym for “climbing frame” or “playset”: a structure for children to climb and play on.

Where can I view built up Jungle Gym products before buying?

There are several retailers that have one or (many) more Jungle Gym products built up on display, either in a showroom or outside. Check the store locator for the phone numbers of the retailers that are situated close to you, and ask them what products they have on display at the moment.

Do prices of Jungle Gym products vary between retailers?

Yes, this is caused by differences in type and dimensions of the timber that retailers offer and whether services like pre-cutting/ shipping are already included in the price. All Jungle Gym products built with timber within the given range of timber dimensions will result in an equally safe, certified and sturdy climbing frame. Advantages of a higher classification are an extra attractive and robust look, and extra durability of the finished product. Also the prices on this website are approximate, including timber, slide and VAT, ex. delivery.


Which parts and accessories are included?

Everything you need to build a climbing frame. Tools, hardware, brackets and accessories are included. Please refer to the button “product specifications“ found on each product page of this website for the specific configuration of the climbing frame of your choice.

Do small checks and cracks affect the structural integrity of my wooden climbing frame?

Wood is a natural product and all wood has its own characteristics, so natural variations in grain, colour, checking and defects are in time to be expected. Small cracks, knots, mould or resin are natural properties of the wood that have no effect on the quality of the timber parts of your climbing frame. A "check" is a long crack that appears as the outside part of a timber part shrinks around the heartwood over time. Checking is typically not a structural problem, and usually occurs only on one or two sides of a beam and post. However, if you notice any blatant cracks you should replace the affected part.

Should I paint or stain the timber parts?

For durability reasons additional stain or paint is not required. However sawed surfaces and ends of softwood should be treated with an outdoor wood preservative even when pressure treated wood is being used. Pay extra attention to parts that make contact with the ground. In case you wish to paint/stain for aesthetic purposes we recommend a water-repellent stain especially suitable for impregnated wood.


How important is safety in Jungle Gym playground equipment?

At Jungle Gym we make every endeavour to ensure that the products sold are safe. To ensure this, independent testing laboratories in various countries continually monitor all Jungle Gym parts, production processes and production facilities. Before our components reach the shelves, they undergo rigorous safety testing during the design and manufacturing process. Different types of components, and even different parts of the same component, must meet certain specifications outlined in EN 71 before they can be considered safe for children. The declaration of conformity ensures that all of our climbing frames are: Well designed, non-toxic, sturdy, fitted with extra features such as safety hinges to reduce the risk of finger entrapment, anti slip coated metal ladder rungs etc. On the condition that our playground equipment is assembled and used properly in accordance with the manual, it meets the EN 71-1,2,3,8 & 9. Therefore do not deviate from these plans or alter the design. Whilst every effort is made to ensure your children are safe on our products, adult supervision is required at all times.

Can I place a Jungle Gym playground in a commercial setting like a day care centre or restaurant?

Jungle Gym climbing frames are only suitable for domestic use, in a residential backyard. Usage in a public setting is a misuse of the product and may result in premature wear and consequently also serious injuries. Please check out Hy-land playground pro equipment is suitable for exploitation in commercial areas (e.g. recreation, hospitality, education, sports, retail).

Why does Jungle Gym provide ladder rungs, and not steps?

Steps might seem easier but in fact young children are likely to climb with no hands and can therefore lose their balance. With Jungle Gym non-slip ladder rungs they will automatically grab the rung above and climb more safely with both hands and feet.

How many children can play on a climbing frame at the same time?

This depends on the size of your climbing frame. You will find an indication by clicking on the button “product specifications“ found on each product page of this website.


What kind of surface is required for placing Jungle Gym playground equipment?

For the up-to-date requirements, please check the General Safety Instructions under “Safe play area”.

What are the requirements for the play area around the Jungle Gym?

For the up-to-date requirements, please check the General Safety Instructions under “Safe play area”.

Is planning permission necessary?

Please check your local authorities, because this is different in each country and region.


Is it difficult to assemble yourself?

No, this is not difficult at all. With the illustrated step-by-step instructions and included brackets and tools, assembling Jungle Gym playground equipment is a very straightforward job. Everything is designed to make it as easy as possible and we recommend assembling with two adults.

What is the assembly time for building a playground of Jungle Gym?

This is different for each product. You will find an indication by clicking on the button “product specifications“ found on each product page of this website.

What tools are required to assemble Jungle Gym wooden playground equipment?

We recommend a hammer, electric drill, tape measure, wood saw, and pencil. Everything else you need is included: the right drill bits, tools, connection brackets, sandpad and hardware.

Do I need to anchor the play set to the ground?

Yes, all Jungle Gym climbing frames include ground anchors and they insure that your climbing frame does not shift or overturn. Pay attention how to attach ground anchors according to our assembly instructions.

Can I combine Jungle Gym parts and accessories with other brands (e.g. swing hooks)?

No, Jungle Gym products are to be used in combination only with each other. We can only guarantee the safety if you use our specially developed combination of products.

The space between the ladder rungs seems too large; can I order an extra rung?

The distance to the first ladder rung is to prevent young children under the age of three climbing up the ladders and the space in between the rungs to prevent children from getting trapped. Do not deviate from the assembly instructions or alter the design; these dimensions are strictly according to the regulations in the EN 71 standard.

Whom to ask any assembly questions?

A fully trained team is available to assist you with any questions, queries or assistance that you may require. We are open 5 days a week, GMT 08:00 - 16:30. Contact our customer service.

How much sand do I need for the sandbox?

To calculate the required amount of sand, use the following formula:

((platform length (in m) x platform width (in m)) x (50-70% of the board width (in m)) = 0,.. m³

.. m³ x 1500 = .... kg of sand approximately

Platform size: 120 x 103 cm
Board width: 12 cm

(1.2 x 1.03) x (0.084) = 0,10 m³

0.10 m³ x 1500 = 150 kg of sand approximately


The kids get a static charge when sliding, what to do?

This effect sometimes occurs with a new slide in combination with low relative humidity. To prevent this, wipe the sliding surface with water and soap. Should it occur after a while, repeat this.

The swing squeaks while swinging, what to do?

Lubricate the (blue) RopeLocks™ with vegetable oil.

While swinging the Swing (Module) shows some racking/moving, is that safe?

While swinging, slight movements of the Swing Set frame is normal and nothing to be worried about. Please be sure that, according to the instruction manual, your swing set is completely anchored / fixed to the ground and / or to have it attached to a concrete foundation. Frequently check the bolts / screws / Swing Hooks / Rope Locks for integrity and retighten/replace when required.


Do I need to check our Jungle Gym wooden playground equipment regularly?

Yes, a checklist is provided in the included General Safety Instructions under “Inspection and Maintenance”. A copy can be downloaded here.

At the end of use, what to do with the playground material?

When Jungle Gym wooden playground equipment is to be taken out of service, remove all parts and components and dispose of safely in accordance with local disposal ordinances.

Guaranty & Warranty

Is there a guarantee on Jungle Gym products and parts? And for how long?

Yes there is. For the specifications of this warranty, click here. If you have any additional questions, contact our customer service.

Can I order replacement parts?

Many Jungle Gym spare parts are available in our webshop and throughout the stores (e.g. Bolt Caps, handgrips, Cat Stop, ground anchors, swing ropes, Swing Hooks, Rope Locks, accessories etc.). Check out the store locator and find the official Jungle dealer near you. Can't find your product? Or do you have any other request or question? Contact our customer service, we are open 5 days a week, 09:00 - 17:00 (UTC +01:00).

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