Extension Module - Bridge Link

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Timber guide.

A safe, strong connection to turn two garden play centres into a small playtime village.
Maximum number of kids3
Assembly time 2 persons (hours)4
Width (cm)160
Length (cm)91
Warranty2 Years
Instruction manualBridge Link
Compatible withJungle Mansion, Jungle Fort, Jungle Chalet, Jungle Villa, Jungle Lodge, Jungle Cabin, Jungle Shelter, Jungle Cubby, Jungle Cottage, Jungle House, Jungle Hut, Jungle Home, Jungle Casa, Jungle Club, Jungle Castle, Jungle Tower, Crazy Playhouse CXL, Jungle Playhouse XL, Jungle Palace, Jungle Barn, Jungle Farm
A wonderful way to combine two Jungle Gym garden play centres, the Bridge Link is easy to add and safe to use. The Jungle Bridge’s flexible nature means children use focus and co-ordination as they pass from one garden play centres to another. The inclusion of Safety Mesh on each side gives you peace of mind as your children make the most of their playtime.
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