Extension Module - Balcony Module

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Timber guide.

A compact and effective addition to one of the wooden playsets, offering excellent tactile and visual opportunities.
Maximum number of kids2
Assembly time 2 persons (hours)2
Width (cm)80-160
Length (cm)75
Height (cm)60
Warranty2 Years
Instruction manualBalcony Module
Compatible withJungle Mansion, Jungle Fort, Jungle Chalet, Jungle Villa, Jungle Lodge, Jungle Cabin, Jungle Shelter, Jungle Cubby, Jungle Cottage, Jungle House, Jungle Hut, Jungle Home, Jungle Casa, Jungle Club, Jungle Castle, Jungle Tower, Jungle Barn, Jungle Farm
Easily connected to all wooden playsets, the Balcony Module gives your structure an extra dimension. The balcony offers a different perspective, looking over the rear or side of the wooden playsets. This module increases fun without compromising playtime security and requires no extra garden space. The included StarOscope provides extra visual stimulation and special corner cushions are an added safety feature.
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