Jungle House

Article number 801_095

To have your own bedroom when growing up is one thing, but to have your own play tower including one of the wavy garden slides is a dream come true.

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The stepped gable and one of the colorful garden slides makes this Jungle House just a little more unique than the other houses in the neighborhood. And the exit is much more fun! Including easy-grip roughcoated metal ladder rungs, handgrips, Bumper Pad™, Jungle Flag, bolt caps colorful garden slides and ground anchors. A nice addition to your playhouse is for example the Picnic Module with extra possibilities to lunch outdoor, drawing, crafts and games. Hide
All prices on this website are approximate (incl. slide if shown, excl. delivery). Ask your Jungle Gym dealer for the exact prices.

Product specifications

Users 6
Number of platforms 1
Included features Ladder, Sandbox, Ground Anchors x 4, Handgrips x 4, Bumper Pad™, Jungle Flag™, Slide Short, Instruction manual, Toolset, Hardware & Bolt Caps, Sandpad & Leveller, Metal brackets, Safety Ball, Logo ID, Cat Stop™ Small, Ground Cover, Jungling Cards™
Slide Star Slide Short
Weight 198.00 kg
Sizes lxwxh (incl. slide) 320 x 150 x 300 cm
Sizes lxwxh (excl. slide) 150 x 150 x 300 cm
Required area 690 x 470 x 300 cm
Platform Size lxwxh 90 x 120 x 125 cm
Assembly time 2 persons (hours) 5 (read more about assembly)
Module 1-Swing Module (X'tra)
2-Swing Module (X'tra)
Climb Module (X'tra)
Bridge Module
Playhouse Module 125 cm
Balcony Module
Mini Market Module
Mini Picnic Module 120 cm
Bridge Link
Net Link
Type of surface Place the playset on an unpaved steady surface, such as grass or a solid layer of sand. The safe play area refers to a zone extending 200 cm beyond the play set on all sides and should have a shock absorbing ground cover such as Grass or minimum depth of 50 cm (uncompressed) of Double shredded bark mulch / Uniform wood chips / Fine gravel / Fine sand.
Care instructions To ensure the safety of the users of the play set, the play set has to be subjected to the safety inspections described in the manual once at the beginning of each season and further twice monthly during the usage season.
Material information High quality, especially designed for children. We always use materials and finishes that are soft for the hands, provide maximum grip, and apply to the strictest health and safety requirements. With rounded edges and corners, weatherproof and UV-resistant.
Manufacturer Jungle Gym B.V.
Warranty 2 Years
Warnings Warnings. Only for domestic use. Only for outdoor use. Maximum user weight is 50 Kg. Not suitable for children under three years. Suitable for children from three to ten years. Maximum number of users is 6.
  • Playhouses with slide by Jungle Gym - Jungle House
  • Playhouses with slide by Jungle Gym - Jungle House



Montage il es faut bien
By Carole L. 
Genial. Il ne manque rien (vis forets) tout est fourni. Le produit correspond bien à la photo. Il prevoit 8h de montage il les faut bien. Bon produit. Les enfants s'amusent bien.
Jungle kids
By Mel1jas2
Ik kan het alleen maar heel kort houden, mijn kids zijn er helemaal weg van is een hele goede aankoop geweest. De jungle gym werd netjes afgeleverd en ik heb hem samen met mijn man en in elkaar gezet.
Leuke speeltoren
By DeProf
Het duurde even voordat het binnen was maar het is een plaatje geworden. Het kost zeker een dag om het in elkaar te zetten maar als je de handleiding goed doorneemt kom je er wel. We hebben de trap aan de andere kant geplaatst en dat ging goed. Onze dochter en de buurjongens zijn er weg van! Omdat het op een harde ondergrond staat hebben wij bij de glijbaan en trap rubberen tegels neergelegd.

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